Quebecers in need

We are not laughing, at least 75% of Quebecers are deficient in omega-3. You have to be aware that the body cannot manufacture omega-3s, so they must be supplied from outside. The vast majority of Quebecers lack it.

Omega-3s contribute to cognitive (brain) health and/or brain function. They help to reduce blood triglycerides/triacyglycerol levels. They help maintain cardiovascular health, a real cry from the heart.

Also a source of EPA and/or DHA, they help support brain, eye and nerve development in children aged 12 and under.

It will certainly surprise you to learn that the parent molecule of this family of omega-3s, alpha linolenic acid (ALA), is an essential omega-3.

It is from this parent molecule that the body can synthesize other omega-3s, such as EPA and DHA. By reading the labels of products on the Quebec market, we can see that ALA has been neglected in the important family of omega-3s. Some labels of the products we studied confuse the understanding. This is why Tri-Céphal has made up for this insufficiency by giving you something more in its product, omega-3 ALA.

Tri-Cephal therefore contains 400 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA, the ideal ratio and concentration, for a total of 680 mg of omega-3 including ALA. All in a golden capsule of 1000 mg containing the famous omega-3 ALA.

Remember that ALA is the mother molecule of omega-3s and choosing an omega-3 supplement is no small feat. We must therefore be vigilant and the ALA, a plus, should be listed on the labels.

Life is a great dialogue between several important molecules, the mother molecule ALA is one of them.

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