Ragweed makes you sick

A considerable amount of pollen from ragweed flowers drifts in the wind and can travel more than 200 km from their place of origin; ragweed forms small bushes that bloom from July to October. Unfortunately, this pollen in the air affects the respiratory health of approximately one million people in Quebec and is the source of the unforgettable hay fever (allergic rhinitis).

Ragweed, which is proliferating more than ever in Quebec, can cause very violent allergic reactions through the action of its pollen, by breathing it in, but also by touching the skin. As soon as the pollen count reaches 5 grains per cubic meter of air, sensitive people expose themselves to hay fever; according to the Quebec Lung Association it is the main cause of hay fever and worsens the symptoms of asthma attacks.

Allergine, without side effects, is a new healthy and natural alternative to fight against external factors such as pollens and herbs of all kinds.

Victim of hay fever, think Allergine. Allergine helps sensitive people and is used in herbal medicine to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.

Allergine, based on urtica dioica (organic nettle), origin of the result of several studies recognized by government authorities, hence the allergin marketing license NPN 80042836

Laboratory tested and approved, Allergine helps calm sneezing and soothes hay fever.

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