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Restore skin from the outside and inside
The sudden decline of estrogen gives rise to increased aging of it. It becomes thinner and the fatty matter of the hypodermis becomes less abundant. Afflicted with dryness it loses shine. It is therefore wise to moisturize it and increase its firmness. Cyto-kinol does it, clinically proven.


Yes, really, you have to use Cyto-kinol’s selected bio-amines and its famous shea butter, hydrolyzed casein, lysine and proteins. A bliss for the appearance of the facial skin and essentially the epidermis of the neck skin.




As for reactivating the skin from the inside, use Phytobec, which supports healthy skin. Its 10 antioxidants will fight against free radicals that contribute to cell aging in your skin, all accompanied by a whirlwind of vegetable molecules and 26 vitamins and minerals. Phytobec is the ally of beautiful, glowing skin.



Move! Move! Move!

Move a little more every day. To be in search of well-being and beautiful skin is to move! What’s the point of moving? Moving gets energy moving, circulating it throughout the body and also helps maintain a healthy weight. Most women gain 4 to 7 pounds during menopause. Being bio-active, nearly 90% of women going through menopause see their bodies change. Lead this upheaval to your advantage, walk, cycle, stretch, etc. In short Move!

Face and neck gymnastics

Increased muscle activity in the face and neck causes blood flow (hyperaemia) to these parts of the body. During your beauty routine, adopt a ritual ”gym” which will increase your cutaneous blood micro-circulation. After a thin application of the Cyto-Kinol cream and using the palms of the hands gently dab the skin of the face. A little redness will result due to blood flow. You have just intensified your microcirculation. Cheer !

A movement of the hands and fingers along the neck up and down to avoid folds and folds of the skin is also advocated. Press around the chin for a few seconds with your thumbs and fingers. Pressure, resist and repeat. All to tone the neck muscles and escape sagging.

In short, do moderate neck exercises, facial grimaces, gestures that make all the difference.

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