Take the bull by the horns

Are your joints creaking like a rusty machine?

A favorite! You have to grasp the problem head-on, with all that nature can put at your fingertips to help you.

How? By taking a maximum dose of glucosamine every day (maximum one ampoule per day), you will see!

It’s a real dose of glucosamine, fast absorption. 1500 mg of liquid glucosamine, with no added sodium. Glucosamic like no other, the Flex-O-Flex glucosamine ampoule is a real glucosamine “pump”. An ideal dose with maximum impregnation.

The fastest flexilium in the range of achievements of Flex-O-Flex, a solid protective arthro that stimulates and strengthens your natural defenses. Maximum super-concentration, powerful leverage for your joints. A ray of sunshine when you need help.

One ampoule of Flex-O-Flex every day, with no side effects, in a glass of fruit juice and a good session of physical activity, it’s all there!

Arthritis in the plural…

The word arthritis applies to more than a hundred distinct diseases which have the common feature of causing pain in:

– Joints

– The ligaments

– Tendons

– Bones

– And the musculoskeletal system

Previously, the term rheumatism was used to indicate all these ailments. This expression is now abandoned.

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