The beautiful true story. Once upon a time…

Here is a great true story. If your diet leaves something to be desired, you can reap immense wellness benefits with regular use of the Phytobec multi-element formula. We cannot analyze them all here in detail, there are too many of them, but be aware that some of these elements, minerals for example, are chelated (called proteinates). This chelation aims to increase the assimilation of the product in the body. We had to think about it and we had to do it too. This is what several chemists have realized after much research as part of a permanent program on the protective effects of health, developed for Phytobec. Always studying new scientific data, Phytobec has modified its formula four times in the space of fifteen years. Four new DINs have been issued by Health-Canada.

Minerals are good, but they still have to be assimilated by your body. That’s another story. The great Phytobec story.

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