The benefits of NATURE for human well-being

The Earth-Sea product, silico-active, is a true plant symbiosis, a natural creation, a bomb of trace elements, full of active elements drawn from the sources of nature.

Terre-Mer offers you marine and land active ingredients that naturally contain silicon. It is in the hair that the most silicon (silica) is found in our body.

One of the benefits of the earth, the horsetail sip of the fields, is the plant richest in silicon that we can find.

Our incessant research on the well-being of your nails and your hair has enabled us to develop this formula with a remineralizing action, for which we have obtained an NPN license from the government authorities. We offer it to you today with confidence.

To the silicon of the horsetail, we have added acti-marins, a real gift from the sea to help you have strong nails and silky hair.

The ingredients of the Terre-Mer capsules, elements at the source of life on land and in the sea, provide you with undeniable benefits associated with marine algae, with life in all its forms, which have existed for two billion years on our planet.

Yes, silicon is necessary, because it is an essential bulwark for the health and preservation of your hair.

Horsetail is a perennial herbaceous plant 20 to 60 cm high. It grows up to 2500 m altitude in somewhat humid places. It is found mainly throughout the northern hemisphere, in Europe, North Africa, North America. It is the descendant of a prehistoric plant which, several hundred million years ago, reached the size of a fir tree and formed large forests.

Always and more than ever attentive to your needs, like nature, we take the time to watch over your well-being.

Did you know ?

The hair does not grow from the tip, but from the root (which is the living part). There are natural products that help strengthen the hair. Terre-merMD is one of them, do not also endanger your hair cycle with a poor diet, to avoid deficiencies consider Phytobec, an anticarentiel product par excellence. Yes Phytobec for beautiful hair.

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