The certain charm of gleaming teeth

What a smile! Brilliant teeth are the result of meticulous care, we know that. In addition to constant care, it must be recognized that the quality of the toothpaste also greatly plays its part in the good health and shine of our teeth. How is one toothpaste superior to another, you might say? Through its unique composition, through the revolutionary ingredients that go into its manufacture, Givo-Dent naturally polishes teeth and helps them regain their natural whiteness and shine.

The natural active ingredients that go into its manufacture: silica from plant sources, Irish moss, melaleuca oil, Peelu plant fiber, vegetable glycerin, give this new product exceptional virtues, not found in a traditional toothpaste.

According to an eminent scientist, Doctor AR Penfold, melaleuca oil, also called tea tree oil, contains very active substances which give it antiseptic properties twelve times stronger than phenol.

Peelu vegetable fiber comes from a very common tree in India, the Peelu tree commonly called the “toothbrush tree”, whose non-abrasive fibres, unlike so many commercial toothpastes, have great cleaning power. and are particularly effective for sensitive and fragile gums. They also remove plaque by brushing, without ever damaging tooth enamel.

Recognized in India for millennia for its remarkable virtues, the Peelu vegetable fiber is now coming to us in the West, inside an effective and gentle natural toothpaste that will protect your teeth like your gums and help you regain that irresistible smile. that you like so much to display around you. Seduction tastes much better. Givo-dent too.

However, as there are no miracle recipes, you must continue to brush your teeth thoroughly after each meal.

Givo-dent MD: INCI ingredients registered

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