The chondrin and the beche de mer

Every time you take Flex-O-Flex Chondrin, you are also taking beche de mer…did you know that?

Our beche de mer, also called sea cucumber, is a sea urchin that lives at the bottom of the ocean. Its medicinal use dates back at least 5000 years. Chinese doctors have prescribed it to their patients for centuries, with the aim of relieving them of chronic joint pain. It contains 23.7% of an essential element, one of the ten constituents of Chondrin in Flex-O-Flex, a perfectly natural gift from the sea.

Chondrin is a real treasure. Six Chondrin ingredients that provide assured well-being, without unpleasant side effects.

Each tablet contains 700 mg of nutrients from natural sources, a guarantee of success in regaining the flexibility of your joints.

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