The tamed menopause

As always, the best answers to ensure our well-being are found in nature.

Menogene, a brand new formula to relieve the problems caused by menopause, here is finally an encouraging and perfectly natural solution that will help you get through these difficult times in peace.

Menogene uses bee bread, royal jelly and soy isoflavones. This trio helps balance the hormonal system in a healthy and natural way.

Natural phytoestrogens (estrogens from bee bread, royal jelly and soy isoflavones), which are similar in structure to female estrogens, help balance female hormones and soothe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes , vaginal dryness, headaches, night sweats, insomnia, etc.

Life is short. Give yourself time to take full advantage of it.

Walking would help reduce the symptoms of menopause, according to some studies, as well as some moderate exercise…

Getting moving is a good idea!

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