The war on aging. The Phytobec army in the field.

Selenium allows the destruction of certain free radicals: selenium, an antioxidant par excellence. The body protects itself through a set of antioxidant systems. Certain compounds, such as selenium, have a protective-antioxidant character against the free radicals responsible for aging.

Phytobec has several types of antioxidants, including selenium. Phytobec is therefore a polytype free radical scavenger.

Selenium, an anti-ageing nutrient of great interest, is one of the active antioxidants among the forty elements that constitute each of the capsules of the Phytobec formula.

Phytobec with protective effect. Phytobec with preventive effect. Phytobec with an antioxidant effect… especially if you cannot find all the elements necessary for good health on your plate. Phytobec, a seleno-active supplement with antioxidant value.

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