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Vitamins Definitions:

Indispensable factor for human life in low doses

The body does not need huge amounts of the same kind of vitamins or minerals, but a wide variety of these elements, in controlled doses. Diversity above all else.

Another great reason to take phytobec

Chelated Minerals – Proteinates

Chelation is a natural process that transforms minerals into their digestible forms such as iron copper magnesium found in Phytobec.

These minerals, being chelated with amino acids, can be absorbed much more easily through the intestinal wall into the blood vessels.

Minerals are good, but they still have to be assimilated by your body. This is why Phytobec’s proteinates (chelated minerals) aim to increase assimilation. The same cannot be said in the context of competition. Reading the label is important. Read the word “proteinate” attached to minerals. This is why the minerals coupled in phytobec with an organic substance (the protein transporter) are much more assimilable because they imitate the natural process of assimilation of minerals by our body. This process allows the body to recognize mineral supplements as “food” rather than indigestible minerals.

The result is a fabulous increase in the absorption and therefore the bioavailability of the minerals in Phytobec.

Diversity above all… yes, but

Phytobec brings together 40 ingredients, among the best in the world, representing a whirlwind of plant molecules. With a very complex formulation, it is quite normal to notice from time to time nuances of color in the marriage of the components as well as the appearance of small black or green dots through our transparent capsule. This does not affect the quality of the product in any way.

Ex. seaweed that works in synergy with other natural ingredients such as flower pollen can produce this finding, etc.

Initially, the Phytobec formula was inspired by the diet of astronauts (Nasa) in the context of nutritional intake. The goal is obviously to avoid deficiencies.

In concert with new scientific advances, the Phytobec formula has been optimized several times during this stage supporting a new license approved by government authorities. Phytobec is always on the lookout for new technologies in the framework of research and development.

With its forty ingredients, among the best in the world, Phytobec is a most diversified formula with a whirlwind of vitamins – minerals – plants and antioxidants. An exclusive formulated natural health product.

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