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Triple beneficial for the heart, arteries and brain Tri-Cephal speaks.

Because Tri-Cephal is three times better. Easy, Tri-Cephal is a rule of three. Three omega-3s instead of two. Tri-Céphal is not a duo, it’s a trio. We only find DUO products on the market. A triad of omega-3s (ALA-EPA-DHA) that is essential for health. The body cannot manufacture them. They must therefore be brought in from outside. Tri-Cephal has understood this.

The vast majority of Quebecers lack it. (Above 75%). That’s saying something. Omega-3s contribute to cognitive (brain) health and/or brain function. They help reduce blood triglyceride/triacyglycerol levels. They help maintain cardiovascular health, a real cry from the heart.

Omega-3s help support brain, eye and nerve development in children 12 and under.

Tri-Head good for everyone’s heart and brain.

A triple alliance for good health accompanied by an increase in cognitive functions.

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