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The clinical study demonstrates the following results: firmer tissues for beautiful skin.

The Serobiological Laboratories of France have succeeded in stabilizing an extremely effective form of concentrated active ingredients in a cream. Proven results, laboratory tests have demonstrated, under dermatological control, greater firmness of the skin.

Clinically proven efficacy tests: increase in the number of fibroblasts (+29%), and increase in ATP synthesis (+35%). Stimulation of collagen network contraction (+45%). Ability to protect against UV-B irradiation and moderating effects on erythema induced by UV-R (by visual evaluation – 40% by chromometry – 32%).

With Cyto-Kinol, you don’t dream in color. Cyto-Kinol skin recovery ingredients INCI filed under: Cyto-Kinol, Selected Bio-Amines, MD. Cyto-Kinol: intellectual property of Cognis SA France Bio-Amines selected: registered trademark, Canada

Efficiency test

Stimulation of the proliferation and migration of human keratinocytes.

After 14 days, Cytokinol 0.1% stimulated epidermization as effectively as the reference substance (FCS) 2%.

Complementary tests:

• Stimulation of the proliferation of human fibroblasts: increase in the number of fibroblasts + 29%, increase in ATP synthesis + 35% by Cytokinol at 0.1%.

• Stimulation of the structuring activity of fibroblasts: stimulation of the contraction of the collagen network + 45% by Cytokinol at 0.1%.

• Anti-inflammatory activity: ability to protect human keratinocytes from UV-B radiation. Cytokinol 0.4% significantly decreased the release of IL-1α, which causes inflammation.

• Clinical study (cream with 1% Cytokinol): moderating effect on erythema induced by UV-R (by visual evaluation – 40%, by chromametry – 32%).

Mimetic effect of cytokines: Cytokinol stimulates epidermization (improved cell growth, migration and vitality) and functioning (better structuring activity of fibroblasts). Controls excess cytokines: Cytokinol has a soothing effect (observed in vitro and in clinical studies).

Cosmetic application

Soothing post-treatments (after peeling, micro-dermabrasion, hair removal), repair of the skin barrier, regeneration of stressed skin / care of sensitive skin.

Protection / repair against external aggressions, Spa treatments & holistic approaches.

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