We murder the vitamins in peace. Take the time to reflect. How to hurt yourself.

What must be done to completely kill the vitamins? Or everything you should not do to eat properly.

First of all, adopt a way of life which bullies, which forces your body, attacking it relentlessly with weapons such as: Caffeine – alcohol – insomnia – overwork – too strict a diet, too much television – garbage food – overweight. It’s a great start.

Food manufacturers process food, even if it means losing a good part of its vitamins and nutrients in general. This is the case for white bread, husked rice and other foods preserved by pasteurization, salting or sterilization. By cooking the food for a long time, you kill all the vitamins in their vegetables.

We must not forget all those who peel fruits and vegetables. This operation deprives you of the vitamins which are concentrated near the peel.

The body must draw from our food and find the elements necessary for its needs. If this diet lacks elements such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., you can always react by supplementing with a good food supplement. This is why the scientific and special formula of Phytobec brings and contains up to 40 ingredients well dosed and constantly analyzed by chemists, for each batch.

A similar infinity of activities in the formula of Phytobec is precisely there to help you avoid any accident due to deficiencies in important elements for your organism.

Phytobec. An extraordinary product, available in pharmacies.

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