What a calvary! I have a bad cold.

You are in an impossible state. You inherited a three-star cold. The earth has almost stopped rotating.

Discouraged? Depressed? Here is a quinto-active product, with its five ingredients from natural sources, its five stars, a product that can seriously help you.

Bronchosyl syrup comes to lend a hand to the hair cells of the bronchi which are not sufficiently active to promote the elimination of mucus present in the respiratory tree.

Bronchosyl helps “bring out the bad guy.”

Bronchosyl is recommended for the whole family, including children from the age of six. Its natural ingredients work gently, which does not detract from their performance, it does not provide the effect of drowsiness or excitation, as drug products often do.

Bronchosyl comes to lend a hand to clear the nose and to calm the cough. Bronchosyl, finally soothing bioactives. And the earth begins to turn again.

Keep out of reach of children. Bronchosyl comes in a bottle with a child-resistant cap.

The smoke from wood fires that kills slowly but surely!

Wood smoke contains many pollutants that can harm your health. You can take steps to reduce your risk and that of your children, family and neighbours.

The wood fire, a great nuisance for your health. It contains hundreds of toxic elements such as fine particles of carbon dioxide or CARCINOGENIC compounds such as toxins and furans.

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