What a nightmare. Don’t touch me!

You are contagious. You have a runny nose. You blow your nose. Your voice is hoarse and, moreover, you cough heartbreakingly. Sorry, I’m not hugging you.

This nasty cough is really disturbing. You have a bad cold. You are in an impossible state. Above all, cough into your elbow and not into your hands.

Discouraged! Depressed! Yes the earth has almost stopped rotating. Don’t panic, I know a little trick that can help you. A natural way, Bronchosyl. A biospecific response via a natural health product. Does not contain chlophedianol and dextromethorphan (MD), products that we find harmful and threatening to good health.

Bronchosyl, against cough is without side effects and formulated to soothe persistent cough, recommended for the whole family including children from six years old.

Bronchosyl is a particularly valid anti-mucus suggestion for people with fragile respiratory systems who suffer from inflammation of the bronchi, the result of an accumulation of mucus in the airways. Bronchosyl is presented in the 175ml brown bottle with childproof cap. Keep out of reach of children.

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