What are the health effects of omega-3s?


Yes, reinventing the omega capsule. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) also has its say and it is not found in many products on the market, read the label.

Tri-Céphal has compensated for this failure. In the important essential and essential nutritional contributions we are presented with capsules containing only DHA and EPA while we have forgotten ALA, an essential fatty acid, because the digestive flora of man is unable to synthesize, it must imperatively be supplied from outside.

The term essential fatty acids is reserved for the omega-3 family. ALA is an omega-3. The omega-3 capsules on the market come from certain oily fish, but many do not contain the omega-3 ALA. Tri-Céphal, therefore, has chosen to present to you a product rich in omega-3 ALA which provides eighty milligrams of ALA for each capsule of Tri-Céphal.

Scientific data demonstrates that the consumption of Omega-3 Tri-Cephal fatty acids can lead to:

  • A beneficial effect on blood pressure in people with high blood pressure;
  • A decrease in the amount of triglycerides in the blood, a type of lipid which, in case of excess, contributes to the development of heart disease;
  • In people with prior cardiovascular pathologies, a reduction in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. As well as an increase in cognitive functions.

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