What is this exceptional tablet?

You wouldn’t tell it by its size or shape, but it does have some remarkable qualities. It gives us 700 mg of ingredients per tablet. It’s a lot, but the joints need to be nourished.

Dosed with six active ingredients, all very important, it is a nouriflex activator for the joints. In just one tablet, here are the six most powerful and logical ingredients in the Chondrin formula of Flex-O-Flex, an exceptional tablet:

– Beche de mer which contains up to 23.7 mg (of its weight) of chondroitin in its natural state
– Cat’s claw, well known for joints – Organic
– Spirea is the queen of the meadows, which contains two essential principles of action – Biological (The name of Aspirin comes directly from its etymology “spirea”. This is sometimes called the queen of the meadows, the vegetable Aspirin with because of its anti-inflammatory properties.)
– White willow bark – Organic
– Licorice Root – Organic

Flex-O-Flex Chondrin is truly an exceptional formula, 700 mg tenfold of ingredients, a multi-active and exclusive formula.

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