Where it hurts! A painkiller balm. A cry from the heart.

It became a cry from the heart. When the joints creak, the cartilage is suffering. Why don’t you try Flex-O-Flex Capsaicin Pain Relief Cream? NPN 02238137, licensed health product.

The analgesic cream can be accompanied by the fast-absorbing Flex-O-Flex ampoules. Who says fast absorption, also says fast reaction, what you always want. A supranutritional dose of 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate in an ampoule represents 1500 mg of nourishing principles. A registered natural health product of fast assimilation license NPN 80000916.

A veritable mine of glucosamine, the fastest flexilium in the range of Flex-O-Flex products.

Flex-O-Flex proves strong, proves fast, proves effective where it hurts, proves to be the solution you are looking for. A balm for a cry from the heart.

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