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I’m not perfect, what’s worse? In our food, we seek satisfaction, pleasure, comfort, and this can vary for each of us. We generally eat “what suits us”, according to certain deep attractions, but which does not necessarily provide our body with vital potential. No one is the perfect type who believes that their eating habits are completely adjusted to their level of age, activity and tastes. Who dares, with the often contradictory knowledge that we possess, to categorically claim to know, for each of us, the perfect menu?

If we have decided to be well in our body, because we know that our body needs minerals, vitamins, enzymes, lipids, carbohydrates and plant molecules of all kinds that we may not absorb be not completely in our diet, think of Phytobec, this capsule of multi-elements (40) in controlled doses. Read in depth the list of forty ingredients that appear on the label.

Its forty elements, including its multiple antioxidants, complete your dietary needs and keep you healthy. Phytobec is a shield against nutritional deficiencies. *Phytobec contains antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

Each capsule contains a palette of forty scientifically dosed nutrients, to help you live and live well in the company of a whirlwind of plant molecules, the result of fifteen of the best plants in the world.

Phytobec can be part of your balanced diet, regained. It shows… and it understands, because, in everyday life, we are not perfect.

Phytobec a licensed natural health product: NPN 02229746

High security: Compliant analysis of each batch: active medicinal products, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, yeasts, molds, density, pH, viscosity, total microorganisms, pathogenic contaminants (inhibition test).

Phytobec: registered trademark of Bio-Actif inc. Jacques Duceppe, CEO, owner.

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* These claims are part of the license.

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