Wicked party!


“I succumbed to temptation”

The temptation was too good. How to resist? “I ate too much and drank a lot. I hope now that my liver can hold up. I really need a bile surge to digest all these delicious sauces”.

Here (often) after a hearty high-fat meal




It takes a gallbladder and an iron stomach to assimilate such meals. If you have an upset stomach, a naturally sluggish liver and slow digestion (who knows that better than you?) you will find two products on the market, two “digesters” that will help you keep cut :

Foratol herbal tea and tablets are licensed natural health products: license NPN01948210 (herbal tea) and NPN00724181 (tablets).

Your stomach is in knots, he begs you to help him?

These two products Foratol herbal tea or Foratol tablet provide you with a bile extract and natural ingredients, to relieve you. They also contribute to the assimilation of nutrients in the digestive system, without side effects.

Good digestion, but still watch your diet.

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