A COOL approach

By lightly massaging the solar plexus with your fingers and the plexus reflex cream, you will get your own vital force back in contact with the aim of awakening a natural feeling of relaxation and calm. A clinch with your body.

Mistress of a feeling of well-being

All specialists are unanimous in recommending abdominal gymnastics and deep breathing, the effectiveness of which is well established. We can also promote the relaxation of the body and gratify a feeling of harmony of the body and the spirit by gyratory self-massage exercises (with the fingertips) of the solar plexus accompanied by a relaxing cream with essential oils.

A second brain

Informative abstracts

It would seem that our brain is not the only master on board! Did you know ? It is a real scientific revolution. A few years ago, scientific researchers discovered in us the presence of a second brain. Our belly (and more particularly the solar plexus) contains two hundred million neurons which take care of our digestion and our emotions and exchange messages with our head.

The second brain theory is a recent scientific theory and it is on this theory that the stimulation of the solar plexus via the plexus cream with essential oils is based. Essential oils can diffuse to the solar plexus to help relax and achieve sensation through sensory perception. Indeed, their action occurs locally at this level after crossing the skin barrier. Essential oils enter the blood. In massage, they should be diluted, so five essential oils in Plexus cream can be safely applied directly to the skin of the stomach. Therefore, Plexus cream is a bio-active concentrate.

To resolve the discomfort caused by abdominal relaxation, a massage with Plexus cream awakens and energizes by sensory perception and soothes and brings you a feeling of well-being. Our belly with its plexus digests food, but also our emotions. It is the emotional brain, not the thinking brain. When the belly goes, everything goes! The central pillar of your health is our stomach, having a knotted stomach, having fear in your stomach are many expressions that reflect the link between our emotions and the central element of our stomach. It is at the center of our existence! And besides, it is right in the middle of the body. When you have a stomach ache, it’s a way of saying that something is wrong, the body then activates an alarm signal. In short, the real emotions reside in the solar plexus rather than in the brain. The latter only archives the memory and the evocation.

All in all, scientifically demonstrated, the human organism is under the domination of two brains. The cerebral brain and the abdominal brain.

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